Engineering and Design

SBM Design is the perfect Partner for designing, innovating and developping Projects from scratch to success. Working with us leads to a real achievement through our Knowledge and attentiveness.

After a valuable ten-years of experience in this field, SBM Design, since its creation in 2011, has helped many global leading companies in the world to achieve their goals.

Our qualified team will help you realize your Project by active listening and by their fast and accurate work skills that help you to go through your tight deadlines..

a coherent mix of youth and experience makes our team highly attentive in understanding our partners demands and perfomant in achieving them.

SBM Design is the suitable Environment to accelerate your growth, develop your Projects and ensure a high Quality collaboration that makes life easier.


We develop and optimize components and assemblies that makes your ideas and concepts realistic.
We deliver designs with the associated production and assembly drawings including their materials' bill.

We can highly fully design Special machines, controlling fixtures and special tools :

Our services at a glance:

  • 3D designs according to your specifications or those of OEM (VW, Ford,BMW,etc)
  • Surface remaking from a dots' cloud
  • Analysis and evaluation of existing constructions
  • 3D-model creation for actual devices, plant and equipment
  • Incorporation of scope of changes into existing constructions

Core competence

  • Welded and molded control fixtures
  • Measurement equipment / fixtures
  • Control and cutting gauges
  • Cubing (aluminum and CFRP)

  • Design & Functional models / prototypes
  • Design check models / show cars
  • Class A surface designing
  • IDM / TED / Speed Foam / clay models
  • Carbon Fiber/ glass Fiber lightweight technology


Gauges, jigs, Controlling fixtures, mold designing and cubing and much more. We provide professional designs for our clients who play a key role in the development of gauges for VW, Audi, Porsche, BMW and Ford.
We have helped them in the initiation's process, designing and overseeing the development of moulds for CFRP parts, control devices and control gauges.

Lightweight opening plugs or CFRP gauges are used to assess the joints of the body in white. This application takes place in all areas of installation, such as:

  • Front and rear winddhield
  • Sunroof
  • Door, bonnet and tailgate
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Entire front module with mounting brackets
  • Headlamp and tail lamps


We have wide experience in the development and construction of show cars, prototypes and designing futuristic concepts.

Our cope of services- ranges from the construction of interior and exterior display models to the functional models made from even the most varied materials; we contribute to the design of complex, fully equipped, ready-to-drive show cars presented to expert audiences at international trade fairs.

When delivering the design model, the coordination of the surrounding parts is checked in advance and a feasibility check is conducted. This includes assembly process, installation , spatial conditions, accessibility for its entirety, position and effectiveness of the attachment points.

Do you need support in drawings or documentation for your designs?

Using our modern CAD systems and based on your specifications, we can prepare:

  • drawings
  • plans
  • layouts
  • bill of materials
  • documentation and user manuals

Thanks to our cooperation with well-qualified translation offices, we can work on multilingual drawings and documentation.

Modern CAD systems generate large amounts of data. Great experience is needed to keep on top of it.
Our range of services spans from converting simple data to processing large volumes of data.

Our CAD technology enables us to process the following formats:

  • AutoCAD (*.DWG;*.DXF)
  • CATIA V4 (*.MODEL)
  • CATIA V5 (*.CATPart;*.CATProduct;*.CATDrawing)
  • STEP (*.STP;*STEP)
  • IGES (*.IGS)
  • 3D XML (*.3DXML)



The Primary mission of a design office is to bring an objective to results . We are, in SBM-Design, a team of passionate designers, who put their varied skills to the service of the customer.

Our engineering team consists of motivated engineers and talented designers, who are all technical and mechanical graduates with a strong know-how and a strong team spirit.

Our Design Office is composed of 16 engineers working together for years, dealing with all types of projects , and always with respect to our commitments.

Grow into a profitable and successful future with SBM Design.

Dipl.-Ing. Majdi Ben Ahmouda

General Manager
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Tel: +216 70 526335
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Dipl.-Ing. Omar Hadhri

CAD Manager
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